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SdST Coating Disinfectant 1000 ml

SdST Coating Disinfectant 1000 ml

SdST is a high performance disinfectant spray with active anti-microbial as a coating that physically controls and destroys the target organism’s cell membrane upon semipermanent contact to the surface. Available in spray package with size of 1000 ml, this spray is an effective solution for the Covid-19 pandemic and will stay for 90 days with just one application.

Unlike many other disinfectants and anti-microbes, sdST is made with anti-microbial active ingredients that are safe, effective, natural and registered with the EPA (environmental protection agency) of the United States.

SdST has been used in various countries because of its proven ability to control bacteria, fungi that can cause stains, odors or surface damage to objects.

How To Use :
1. Clean targeted surface troughly prior to application and allow surface to dry completely.
2. Shake bottle for 30 seconds.
3. Spray at a distance of 40 to 55 cm onto the intended surface till completely covered.
4. Spread the product out evenly with a low absorbance cloth and allow surfaces are resistant to normal abrasion, soap, and water.
5. Test for staining and colour-fastness of fabric by treating a small concealed area prior to application. Pourous substrates and textiles will require a heavier application due to absorption.

Ingredients :
US EPA – Approved Propietary Organofunctional Anti-microbial active, Silane, and Inerts.

Caution :
1. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause eye or skin irritation.
2. Protective eyewear not necesarry but suggested.
3. If in eye, rinse gently with running water for 5 minutes. Seek medical advice when possible.
4. Keep out of reach of children.

Every purchase of 1 sdST anti microbial solution spray, includes microfiber cloth, exclusive box and seal, so that the authenticity and quality of the product will remain safe until it reaches your home.


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