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Ecogreen – Nano Mist Sprayer Solution – 30ml

Ecogreen – Nano Mist Sprayer Solution – 30ml

ecogreen anti microbial nano mist sprayer
Ecogreen – nano mist sprayer solution is a high performance nano spray with a very high speed vibration technology called “super long wave”. This spray will help you apply our antimicrobial disinfectant to the surface. Available in 30ml size, this nano mist sprayer is an effective solution for the application of disinfectants.

How to use:
1. Be sure to charge the nano mist sprayer before use. charging is not recommended more than 3 hours.
2. Add liquid to the water tank.
3. Clean the targeted surface thoroughly before application and allow the surface to dry completely.
4. Shake the bottle for 30 seconds.
5. Spray at a distance of 40 to 55 cm onto the intended surface until completely covered.
6. Wipe the product evenly with a low absorbent cloth and leave the surface resistant to normal abrasion, soap and water.
7. Test the dyeing and color fastness of the fabric by treating a small hidden area before application. Substrates and textiles will require heavier applications due to absorption.

Every purchase of 1 nano mist sprayer solution, includes an exclusive box and seal, so that the authenticity and quality of the product will remain safe until it reaches your home. Liquid Coating Disinfectant sold separately (only nano mist sprayer).

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