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The real effect of UV disinfection on the escalator handrail surface

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Since the outbreak of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which threatens the health and safety of many, governments, individuals and markets around the world are all focusing more on the keywords “sterilization”, “disinfection” and “prevention”. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, governments and health organizations are recommending and implementing surface disinfection of public facilities, along with … Read more

WeClean’s Cleaning effect – Comparison of Escalators in Metro

Ecogreen article

Hello, this is WECLEAN, disinfection and cleaning product for escalator handrails. Today, I would like to share an article and video on cleaning the escalator handrail. Escalators and moving walks, which are public facilities, are mostly used by many people in open spaces, so they are always exposed to pollutants such as bacteria and dust. … Read more

Virus and Bacteria

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Bacteria are prokaryotes—the smallest, simplest and most ancient cells, with free-floating genetic material. These microscopic single-celled organisms can be rod, spiral or spherical in shape. There are two types of bacteria: Gram-negative and Gram-positive. The key difference is the presence of an extra outer membrane in Gram-negative bacteria. It’s essentially an extra line of defence … Read more


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