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Shinsegae department store Daejeon Art & Science

Hello, this is WeClean, disinfection and cleaning product for escalator handrails.

August, 2021

WeClean was installed at Shinsegae department store Daejeon branch in Daejeon, KOREA.

The installation of the WeClean S200 SUE (Hybrid Electric Type) model was completed at the Shinsegae Department Store Art & Science in Daejeon!

Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science consists of 5 basement floors and 43 above ground floors, and is also the largest department store in Chungcheong Province in terms of both business area and total floor area.

ecogreen shopping center project

The model installed this time is the S200 SUE, hybrid electric type product.

The sterilization of our product can be divided into spraying weclean.C1(C2), which has been approved as a COVICD-19 disinfectant by the Ministry of Environment, and irradiation with high-power UV-C LED.


Our hybrid models ( E / G, SUE / SUG ) are products that use both of these methods.

These models use the same method for disinfection and cleaning, but the IoT management function and LCD monitor & speaker output function are only available in the premium models S200E and S200G.

The hybrid model, S200 SUE is equipped with 3-tier cleaner for cleaning, spraying disinfectant function for double sterilization, and UV-C LED unit.


An automatic cleaning function, which automatically manages some oil and dust that inevitably accumulates on the handrails of escalators, which is an open public facility, 24 hours a day, is included not only in this S200 SUE model but also in all of our WeClean products.


By installing the WeClean S200 SUE on the escalator frequently used by many people,

1. It protects all users from germs by sterilizing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

2. Via the non-powered 3-tier Cleaner, clean handrails are maintained without the need for additional cleaning personnel.

3. Inspire the beauty of space and brand image with hygienic handrails and luxurious product design.


Thank you, this is WeClean.

ecogreen shopping center project
ecogreen shopping center project

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