Ecogreen Clean Teknologi

Gachon University Gil Medical Center

Hello, this is WeClean, disinfection and cleaning product for escalator handrails.

February 2018,

WeClean was installed on 8 escalators located in the main building of Gachon University Gil Hospital.

The person concerned said that not only the sterilization of the handrail but also the degree of contamination was severe, so he paid more attention to the cleaning function of our product.

The escalator in Gil Hospital was equipped with LED lighting, so I had a bit of difficulty in installing Wicklin, but after installation, it seemed to go well with the lighting, so I am more satisfied.

I think I need to quickly put the Gil Hospital logo on the screen after meeting with the public relations office of Gil Hospital.

WeClean, which has proven effective in disinfection, will try to be installed in more escalators.

Thank you. This is WeClean.

ecogreen hospital project
ecogreen hospotal project
ecogreen hospital project
ecogreen hospital project

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