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[Singapore] Shangri-La Hotel

[Singapore] Shangri-La Hotel
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Hello, this is WeClean, disinfection and cleaning product for escalator handrails.

Singapore’s Shangri-La Hotel, also used as President Trump’s accommodation during the North Korea-America summit!

WeClean is installed here too!

The hotel is located on an incredibly large green area in the middle of the city center, and it is also famous as a lodging for the heads of each country and influential people.

Perhaps that is why it is a customer company that places more importance on hygiene, safety and design.

In addition, trial installations of WeClean are in progress on many escalators in Singapore.

May more citizens be free from viruses and accidents.

WeClean, which has proven effective in disinfection, will try to be installed in more escalators.

Thank you. This is WeClean.

ecogreen hotel project
ecogreen hotel project
ecogreen hotel project
ecogreen hotel project

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