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Yeungnam University Medical Center

Hello, this is WeClean, disinfection and cleaning product for escalator handrails.

April 2021,

WeClean was installed at Yeungnam University Hospital in Daegu.

ecogreen project yeungnam

The model installed this time is WECLEAN-SE, which is equipped with 3-tier cleaning device for cleaning and a liquid disinfectant spraying function for sterilization.

A cleaning function that keeps the escalator handrail clean at all times is included in all WeClean products.

Disinfectants include WECLEAN-C1 and WECLEAN-C2, which are listed in the “Detailed Guidelines for Safe Use of Corona 19 Sterilization and Disinfection Products (‘20.9.28.)” approved and announced by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea.

By installing our WeClean product on the escalator of Yeungnam University Hospital, which is frequently used by visitors and patients,

1. It sterilizes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to protect visitors and patients from various germs and infectious diseases.

2. Clean handrails are maintained without requiring additional cleaning personnel through powerless 3-tier cleaning device.

3. Hygienic handrail and luxurious product design inspire the beauty of the space and the image of the brand.

ecogreen project yeungnam3
ecogreen project yeungnam3

WeClean, which has proven effective in disinfection, will try to be installed in more escalators.

Thank you. This is WeClean.


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