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WeClean’s Cleaning effect – Comparison of Escalators in Metro

Hello, this is WECLEAN, disinfection and cleaning product for escalator handrails.

Today, I would like to share an article and video on cleaning the escalator handrail.

Escalators and moving walks, which are public facilities, are mostly used by many people in open spaces, so they are always exposed to pollutants such as bacteria and dust.

On the surface of the rotating handrail, Dirt, Oil or Dust that continues to be generated from the lower part of the escalator and from the outside will adhere, accumulate, and harden.

This unmanaged surface provides an environment that further activates various viruses and bacteria, apart from the aesthetically unfavorable one.

As the escalator rotates at a high speed of 50cm per second, it is difficult to sterilize with only “UV”, but if it is physically covered with oil or dust, the “sterilization” that everyone desires will become more difficult.

Moreover, if the surface is an escalator that is an open public facility used by many people,

At this time when everyone is difficult with COVID-19,

A dirty escalator handrail that has not been cleaned up will help to spread the epidemic.

* The image below is an excerpt from the news tree article.

-Title : “Subway escalator UV sterilizer, isn’t it a waste of budget?”

-Original link :

Dirty escalator handrail is..

1. Not good for aesthetics.
2. Causes civil complaints by getting on the user’s hands or clothes.
3. Activates the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.
4. User feel dirty and does not hold the handrail, which unfortunately causes a preventable fall-over accident (70% of all accidents).

These YouTube link and photo below are Before&After comparison video showing the unique cleaning effect of WeClean, and was taken on the Seoul Metro escalator that many citizens use every day.

Thank you!

Ecogreen article
Ecogreen article

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