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2021 Seoul Metro & WeClean 2nd project completed

Hello, this is WeClean, premium disinfection and cleaning system for escalator handrails.

June 2021

WeClean has been additionally installed at Seoul Subway Lines 1~8 stations operated by Seoul Metro!

Following last year, in the first half of this year, we applied WeClean to the escalators that were selected for installation first, so that the subway escalators, a representative open public facility, are automatically disinfected and cleaned and hygienically managed~!

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, surface disinfection of many public facilities is mandatory.

Seoul Metro, which transports an average of 7,469,180 people a day (2019), has been disinfecting and cleaning the escalator handrails 4 times a day since Corona19.

The photos above show the cleaning staff and staffs manually disinfecting the handrails, the customer contact point, using disinfectant and rags.

As the number of management targets increases, the problem of management manpower and input time, and the amount of work will naturally increase.

And another important point is the continuity of disinfection, which can be said to be a gap in manual disinfection.

All of these problems can be solved by applying our WeClean.

All of the WeClean models installed this time are S200G, hybrid premium self-generation type that performs disinfectant spray and UV advanced oxidation process at once.

WeClean not only performs the same human spraying and wiping of the disinfectant, but also can set the disinfectant spraying cycle from 1 to 60 minutes, so the handrail can be continuously sterilized throughout the operating time.

In addition, the trouble of cleaning the handrail surface every time even after installing the sterilizer is solved with WeClean’s 3-tier cleaning roller.

WeClean’s patented 3-tier cleaning roller rotates in the “reverse & forward” direction according to the rotation of the handrail to clean every nook and cranny of the surface.

The fact that cleaning alone reduces germs can also be seen in the guidelines of health organizations such as WHO.

As an automatic sterilization cleaning product exclusively for handrails, with 99.99% sterilization effect proven by numerous actual field test reports and regular cleaning function that does not require additional beautification personnel, WeClean is also a smart device equipped with IoT function.

Via the IoT platform we developed, all WeClean products around the world are monitored in real time, and the disinfectant spraying cycle is also controlled remotely.

In addition, content suitable for each customer and site is uploaded easily and conveniently via this platform.

The following is captured image of safety and disinfection campaign videos currently playing on our products installed in Seoul Metro.

escalator project

If you apply WeClean as an essential equipment to prevent COVID-19, you will get not only the citizens safety, but also convenience and efficiency of customers, and the effect of publicity.

We are continuously researching and developing so that public open facilities can be managed more consistently and effectively.

Thank you. This is WeClean.

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